Train me on progressive cavity pump

Acquire knowledge on Progressing Cavity  Pump.

In your field or within PCM learning centre (office, workshop, manufacturing plant), PCM provides progressive cavity pump training sessions (theory and practice) customized to trainee profiles (maintenance, well service, work over, operations, production, completion, well performance…).

Focus on our Artificial Lift training center in France

Our Artificial Lift training Center dedicated to PCP training In France is close to manufacturing facilities, innovation department and project  team. All  trainings are given by engineers with great experience on  products design, manufacturing and field operations.


Two formats of PCP training in French facilities are available:

  • Training Pack I - 2 days : Theory, Manufacturing, Completion, Case Studies
  • Training Pack II - 4 days. Theory, Manufacturing, Completion, Case Studies, Selection, Operations

 Download our training offer product sheet

At the end of the training, you will take a test, and receive:

  • Training certificate
  • All supporting documents in English and in electronic format (flash disk)
  • PCM welcome kit

Customized training program is also available upon request.