On field Artificial Lift case studies

Operating in more than 90 countries throughout the world, PCM understands and knows how to face different challenges and is able to provide the most appropriate product and service solutions to satisfy its Artificial Lift customers.

Learn more about our wide range of PCP pumps, surface and downhole equipment as well as services through worldwide customers’ references.

PCM Design for PCP in horizontal & deviated wells

A rod-driven PCP system installed in deviated/horizontal wells must be designed to handle the interaction between the rod string and tubing that can cause the following failures. Discover how we designed progressive cavity pumps for horizontal & deviated wells in our customer testimonial.

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PCM Vulcain™ in a steam flood field in Middle East

Runlife of 1617 days achieved for a PCM Vulcain™ 220V1000 installed in a Steam Flood Field in the Middle East.

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