O&G Senior Account Manager- PCM ALS Canada

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Contract type
Permanent Contract
Position based in Calgary
1 - Lead campaign with objective to grow customer base.
Organizes prospecting campaign and lead business development programs in collaboration with marketing teams.
Prepares, executes and reports on a client’s-oriented plan in the area.
Organizes vendor's list registration campaign and gets registered in the customer data base.
Participates to business conferences, exhibitions and marketing campaign.
Provides as necessary market information, surveys and analysis to the marketing teams.
Ability to identify direct and indirect customers / Find where necessary, the adapted sales channel (distributor/agent) to reach targeted end user.
2 - Develop and manage sales in one's area.
Assists in developing and executing the company sales strategies.
Identify and develop target sales accounts in conjunction with PCM sales and operations personnel
Analyses risks associated to a project (technical, commercial, finance, legal). Prepare pricing quotations, artificial lift pumping designs and general reporting as per client requirements
Quotes follow up and detailed feedback, particularly on lost projects
Ability to build, manage and entertain a distribution network in his area if and where needed.
3 - Account holder: manage client relationship
Maintains and improves high level of services to client portfolio (Responsiveness, solutions oriented).
Surveys customer needs and trends, reports accurately to management.
Identifies key contacts for business and establishes trust able relationship.
Ensures client's file integrity (documents, analytical information, communication, notations, etc.)
Ensures strict tracking of invoicing and payments from clients.
4 - Sales and market forecasts and analysis: ensure on-time comprehensive reports on sales activity and market trends.
Forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly turnover streams according to the market (ALS vs STP).
Provides results assessments of sales (period of time to define).
Collaborates in establishing and recommending sales goals for the company.
Updates market figures & competition surveillance.