Your Artificial Lift challenges

Our long-standing expertise, our technical knowledge and our wide range of progressing cavity pumps enable us to provide the right artificial lift solution to control and maximize your production and performance of your equipment, while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

PCM will assist you in your project in order to get the best from your well no matter the artificial lift challenges you may face: sandy wells, gas wells, high temperature wells, highly deviated or horizontal wells, or high well head pressure.

Sand management

Sand management is one of the most critical challenge when pumping Heavy Oil to ensure steady production. Progressing cavity pump system is the first choice for solids’ production, reducing drastically well intervention versus other Artificial Lift systems.

Discover why PCP is the first choice.

Gas management

Free gas production can be a headache to produce with conventional artificial lift often subject to gas lock due to accumulation of gas in the pumping system. A PCP combined with hydraulic regulators eliminates this risk and boosts the performances of a conventional PCP.

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High temperature wells

The challenge with high oil viscosity inhibits well production and the ability to be easily produced. Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery using steam or hot water changes radically the level of oil recovery. These thermal processes require an Artificial Lift system to be highly tolerant to steam and to very high temperature wells.

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Highly deviated well

Highly deviated wells, slant wells and horizontal wells are now common practices in upstream oil production with their ability to produce higher flow rates or to address challenging pay zones. Parted rod and hole in tubing are the main failure modes to overcome. Rod driven PCPs have seen great success with those challenging well profiles.

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Gas well dewatering

The main challenge in Gas well dewatering (CSG, CBM) is to produce water through the pump in harsh fluid conditions with a low cost completion. Progressing cavity pump system has proven to be the best artificial lift choice to manage this challenge.

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High wellhead pressure

Remote or mature wells face high wellhead pressure to reach the main process facilities. It is possible to increase your production or to increase your artificial lift run life (of any ALS) by installing a boosting system nearby.

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Well performances

Oil & gas operators are looking for real time monitoring in order to improve well performances, increase their well production, reduce downtime and protect their assets. PCM can help you optimize your well production with the right PCP system and associated services.

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