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Discover the PCM Vulcain™

PCM Vulcain™


Specially designed to be able to handle extremely hot, highly viscous, unconventional hydrocarbons and high temperature water, the PCM Vulcain™ is an exclusive patented all-metal progressing cavity pump using a specific technology capable of meeting the requirements of thermal recovery methods to perform efficiently at high temperatures.


Discover the PCM Moineau™

PCM Moineau™


Perfectly suited for a wide range of viscosities, the PCM Moineau™ conventional elastomer progressing cavity pumps ensures high production efficiency and optimal run life compared to other Artificial Lift technologies (such as ESP or SRP).

Discover also our Heavy Lift range featuring specific geometries for viscous or solid laden fluids.



Discover the PCM Slugger

PCM Slugger


The PCM Slugger significantly increases pump system run life compared to standard PCP in high GVF and/or high viscosity conditions, and can be used in any application where PCPs would be used. It is an easy upgrade to any PCM Moineau™ PCP.



Discover the PCM X Bond

PCM X Bond


PCM is developing a new elastomer for its PCP artificial lift pumps to replace conventional elastomers when temperature exceeds 100°C (210°F).



Today, we go by the name of PCM Artificial Lift Solutions. This is in recognition of our customer’s needs, who expect expertise in our people, products and services.

When you work with us, then you are working directly with over 90 years of pump design, elastomer development, pump manufacturing, services and innovation. Working in over 35 countries, PCM Artificial Lift Solutions provides PCP pumping solutions every day.


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