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Further information about PCM's products ranges is available to download.

You will find below all documentations, videos, pump sheets related to artificial lift. If you need additional data, please contact your local PCM sales representative through the sales enquiry form.


PCM Vulcain™ - all metal progressive cavity pump (AMPCP)
PCM IPAC - Intelligent variable speed drive
PCM Moineau™ A – API 676 multiphase pump
PCM Driver™ electric driveheads with disk brake system - the surface drive solution for your ALS PCP operations
PCM artificial lift pump sheet - 80V660
PCM, your Everyday Partner worldwide
PCM paddle rotor product sheet
PCM top bushing product sheet
PCM Drivehead G75H product sheet
PCM Driver™ B-50 drivehead product sheet
PCM Driver™ B-100 drivehead product sheet
PCM gauge product sheet