Artificial lift equipment

PCM is a one-stop artificial lift equipment provider. We have full control of our PCP solutions, including R & D, manufacturing, distribution and service. Our scale and industrial strategy ensures that PCM remains agile enough to match most challenging conditions.

This unique organization and status sets PCM apart from typical Artificial Lift System providers.

PCM’s artificial lift equipment and systems are available for a wide range of operating challenges and processes for both onshore and offshore use. Simple to operate, our oil pumping systems are designed to maximise performance in your specific application, such as heavy oil, light oil and gas well dewatering.

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Pumps range

PCM offers lower life cycle costs (LCC) solutions for your day-to-day operations, whilst also providing Progressing Cavity Pump that are simple to operate. Our range of solutions covers onshore and offshore applications, including the production of conventional hydrocarbons gas well dewatering and enhanced oil recovery.

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PCM provides a complete line of electric and hydraulic driveheads that will run your PCP in a wide range of applications.

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Automation & VSD

PCM well pump controller solutions are the most efficient way for operators to run PCP completions while minimizing downtime, increasing equipment run life and optimizing well production. Click here for further information.

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Multiphase booster pump progressing cavity API 676 pump

Enhance your oil production by relieving mature wells of excessive back pressure from pipelines and facilities. PCM provides multiphase boosting pumps based on the Moineau™ progressing cavity pumps technology.

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Artificial lift accessories

Surface and downhole accessories are key to ensure a successful PCP completion deployment. Well profiles and specifications could generate difficulties for proper and efficient production.

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Emerging solutions

Innovation and creativity have guided PCM’s expansion for over 85 years. Backed by a stable shareholder with a long-term approach, PCM has always delivered breakthrough PCP innovations in Artificial Lift.

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ALS technologies comparison

Historically ALS is driven by ESP’s for high flow rate and SRP’s for low flow rate. Over the last thirty years new pump technologies arrived on the market to improve efficiency and performance such as PCP’s, jet pumps,... Discover the advantages and benefits of each Artificial Lift technologies here.

Discover the advantages of each ALS technologies here.

Is PCP right for me?

PCM help you making the comparison between several artificial lift technologies.

Quickly check if progressing cavity pump is suitable for your well application.

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Design my pump

PCM can provide you some recommendations to design your PCP completion according to your well features and challenge.
Click here to enter your input parameters to build your design.

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