Rod string

PCM supplies a complete range of products suitable for your rod string completion.

PCM provides conventional sucker rods, polished rods, couplings & centralizers for various applications. Selecting suitable rods can be critical to manage tubing wear, torsional strength and well geometry, which may have very high Dog-Leg Severity (DLS).

PCM also provides rods for high temperature application requirements.

Polished rods

Ensure an appropriate sealing

Key features & benefits:

  • Transmit sufficient torque to drive PCP
  • Handle the complete rod string load
  • Ensure sealing with Drivehead sealing device
  • Ensure Flush-By operation (thanks to Polished Rod longer than downhole Rotor)
  • 11 to 44 ft length
  • 1”¼, 1”½ and other size available on request

Sucker rods

Handle torque and weight

Key features & benefits:

  • Deliver sufficient torque to drive PCP
  • High strength sucker rod available
  • High Alloy sucker rods available for corrosive environment (option)
  • Pony rods allow to adjust the rod string length to ensure the correct position of the rotor and suitable polished rod stick-up
  • Size adapted to torque requirements and tubing size.
  • Grad D or high strength available
  • ¾”, 7/8”,1”, 1”1/8, 1" 1/4, 1" 1/2 
  • Pony Rods to adjust string length (2,4,6,8,10,12 ft)


Connect rod string elements

Key features & benefits:

  • Polished rod to sucker rod
  • Sucker rod to sucker rod or to centralizers


Prevent tubing wear

Key features & benefits:

  • Non-rotating centralizers
  • Spindle/sleeve type
  • Available for high temperature (metallic sleeve)
  • Protect the surface Drivehead from excessive rod vibrations
  • Eliminate or reduce tubing wear and rod string wear
  • Reduce torque especially in deviated wells
  • Limit eccentricity vibration and propagation into the rod string

Advanced options