PCM Slugger electrical submersible progressing cavity pump (ESPCP)

The PCP solution for highly deviated wells, deep wells, and offshore operations. The Electrical Submersible Progressing Cavity Pump (ESPCP) is a ROD FREE SYSTEM that combines the advantages of an ESP downhole motor with the benefits inherent to PCP technology.

Removing the rod string and driving the PCP with a downhole motor provides an alternative PCP system, to avoid the typical problems of parted rods and tubing failures in rod driven systems in deviated wells. This hybrid pumping system outperforms ESPs in many applications, by avoiding gas lock and low efficiency, and allowing significant production of solids and viscous oil.

PCM offers an energy-saving solution with an ESPCP system that uses a dedicated submersible Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM), especially designed to work with PCPs and a PCM Slugger PCP with excellent reliability in all applications.


  Download our ESPCP product sheet here


  • Reduce PCP system failures by eliminating rod and tubing failures
  • Drastically reduce power consumption
  • Eliminate moving parts at surface and reduce surface footprint


An attractive artificial lift solution for production wells with high Dog Leg Severity, fields requiring power savings as well as for ESP conversion to offset declining wells.

  • Dedicated high performance 16 pole downhole PMM for PCP applications
  • Full torque available over a wide range of speed 50-500 RPM
  • Enhanced reliability in all applications with the PCM Slugger hydraulically regulated


A large range of depths and flow rates can be accommodated using PCM’s two sizes of ESPCP motor, for minimum 5.5” casing and 7” casing

Case study

Deployment of a PCM Slugger Multiphase Progressing Cavity Pump coupled with a Submersible Permanent Magnet Motor



  • Installation : March 2015
  • Operation : 3 years continuous (1093 days)
  • Stop reason : Rental contract expired with client
  • GVF : 40/50% average – 85% Peak
  • Production: 250 bpd average
  • Rod driven PCP conversion to rod free ESPCP
    • Highly deviated well
    • Heavy Oil / High GOR
    • RDPCP average life 10 months



  • Test the new technology
  • Increase MTBF (eliminating tubing wear and rod failures)



  • Successful run for 3 years (increase running life by more than 3 times)
  • Reduce power consumption by almost 3 times