PCM elastomers manufacturer

Elastomer is the heart of any PCP. PCM creates its dedicated elastomer formulations and manufactures stators at its own injection facilities. We firmly believe this is an important step in order to be considered the PCP expert,  beginning over 85 years ago since our inception.

Elastomer production is rooted in the history of our company. We develop dedicated formulas to meet the application challenges of our customer in our state-of-the-art laboratory, using decades of worldwide field experience.

All our pumps are manufactured to the highest standards of quality in accordance with ISO15136-1 standards. PCM has been ISO9001 compliant since 1994 and has always been committed to quality.

PCM in-house elastomers


Main elastomers used in oil  & gas applications:

  • NBR 159: Nitrile – “4-wheel drive”: considered our most versatile with its high ACN content, providing top performance across many applications 
  • NBR 194 & NBR 205: Soft nitrile: High resistance to abrasion and top performer for handling solids with varying water cuts.
  • HNBR 198: Hydrogenated nitrile: For higher temperature (150°c) applications and   H2S & Co2 resistance
  • FKM 204: Fluoro carbon: Our best performer for  higher  aromatics, and a good choice  when nitriles are no longer effective

Elastomer performance table

* This table is indicative and highlights the main elastomer properties and capabilities. Best practices should include a swell test to confirm compatibility with produced fluid.

** Mechanical strength is an average ranking of adhesive peeling force + tensile strength + elongation at break.

Contact PCM to get complete elastomer datasheet as per ISO15136-1 requirements.


 Download PCM elastomers compatibility table

Swelling tests

To select the most suitable elastomer, PCM can perform swelling tests using fluid samples from your field.

To select the most suitable elastomer, PCM can perform swelling tests using fluid samples from your field. As an additional option, PCM patented “In situ lab” technology allows live well testing for most demanding applications. 

Contact  PCM Artificial Lift Solutions team to arrange a test.