PCM artificial lift PCP manufacturing workshop and customer technical center in Kazakhstan

PCM pumps entered the Kazakh market starting in the early 2000’s. PCM saw a natural fit with its progressing cavity pumps (PCP) technology and the pumping challenges faced by local operators.  Initially through distributors, many PCM PCPs have been installed and successfully operated across the country. PCM’s reliable pump performance built a strong reputation in Kazakhstan, that when using PCM’s engineered in-house elastomers, operators can achieve good results.

In 2013 PCM Kazakhstan TOO took one step further and opened a sales office with a local PCM representative.  In 2020, PCM again adapted its strategy in the country, deciding to go direct and open a PCP manufacturing workshop and customer technical center in Aktau, Mengistau region with our new facility officially started and featuring:

  • local manufacturing certificate of pumps, driveheads and accessories for fast delivery
  • a welding bench for pump assembly
  • a hydraulic test bench for pump performance testing
  • drivehead assembly and test facilities
  • PCP failure analysis tools
  • seal test requalification after seal change on Driveheads

PCM is delighted to bring new technologies and utilize the high employee skills in Kazakhstan. We believe it is the right approach to develop local PCP expertise to support operators of PCPs in Kazakhstan with their everyday challenges oil extraction in the country.

PCM’s strategy and investment plan has been recognized and supported by the Kazakh government through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Republic of Kazakhstan and PCM, on the 31st of April 2021 in Paris under the patronage of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in France.  PCM is highly appreciative for this support.

The CT-KZ Certificate process is now completed and PCM is now officially a genuine local manufacturer in compliance with the requirement of the national oil companies in Kazakhstan.

 “It’s official, thanks for the support from the government Ministry in Kazakhstan and the commitment from PCM, we have achieved our goal of opening our manufacturing facility and customer technical center in Aktau, in compliance with CT-KZ process. We strongly believe being local is the right approach to serve our growing customer in this market” says Mr Frederic Garde, Deputy General Manager of PCM.

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