PCM Artificial Lift office and workshop in Australia

Discover how PCM is supporting its customer locally to handle artificial lift challenges and find out your workshop and office key contacts.

PCM entered the Australian market in late 2012 and started its Oil and Gas activities from 2015 with the opening of an office in Brisbane, Queensland. PCP innovations, such as the HRPCP, Reverse Flow PCP, HVOF rotors and others were introduced to the market to help clients increasing their run life for the challenges they face in their CSG/CBM operations. A new elastomer was later developed specifically for CBM application, based on a multi-year long campaign of laboratory tests using fluid samples from client fields in Queensland Australia.

In 2017, PCM opened its artificial lift workshop in Brisbane with full destructive and non-destructive failure analysis capabilities and a dedicated test bench for hydraulic testing of pumps.

Through this successful collaboration, thousands of PCP’s are installed across the state of Queensland using PCM technologies.

In 2019, PCM opened its PCP assembly line with the aim of further strengthening its position as the PCP supplier of choice for its clients in Australia.

Our facilities

Local Head Office


The main activity in Brisbane is servicing the CSG industry (PCP & ESPCP solutions)

  • Sales: adapted solutions proposal for CSG challenges
  • Application engineer: recommendations on product performance (Provide PCP run life data and give feedback)
  • HSE management

Service Workshop

Port of Brisbane

PCM invest for long term in Australia with local stator assembly.

  • Pump assembly
  • Test bench
  • Stock management
  • Failure analysis expertise
  • Client training