High temperature wells > Why use thermal enhanced oil recovery?

The lifting challenges faced by many oil producers with high oil viscosity wells, limit their production potential. Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery using steam or hot water changes radically the level of oil recovery.

These thermal processes require artificial lift systems  that are  highly tolerant to steam and very high temperatures . With the right artificial lift technology, Thermal recovery unlocks and turns vast resources in place into viable reserves worldwide.

Over a decade ago, PCM developed a breakthrough technology, a high temperature wells pump, with the first deployed All Metal PCP pushing the limits of the market with a pump able to face extremely high temperatures up to 350°C (660°F) with following benefits:

  • Steam through the tubing with the pump still in place
  • Eliminate Rod fall issues due to high viscosities in CSS & steam flood
  • Eliminate submersible electrical Motor shutdown in SAGD

Ensure zero spill at surface

Full and reliable PCP package for thermal applications

HSE is a key issue in thermal applications. PCM developed a unique high temperature drive head featuring a high temperature No Leak seal to avoid any spills at surface.

Other accessories like high temperature centralizers and Anti-Vibration Subs complete a highly reliable PCP package for the thermal market.

Produce at ultra-high temperature with AMPCP 350°C (660°F)

Whether you need to steam through the stator or face up to 350°C (660°F) at the pump, use a PCM Vulcain™ pump to produce your well in thermal EOR. This All Metal PCP operates across an outstanding range of viscosities with the same rotor / Stator fit regardless the water cut.

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High temperature applications using elastomer PCP 150°C (300°F)

Some thermal wells face moderate temperature conditions (steam flood, CSS) that can still be addressed using elastomers. PCM X-Bond mechanical anchoring technology combined with HNBR elastomer 198 provides the right solution for these applications. This technology combination is also compatible to address wells producing substantial sands.

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