What is the best ALS solution for gas well dewatering?

The main challenge in Gas well dewatering (CSG, CBM) is to reduce completion cost and to produce water through the pump in harsh fluid conditions (erosion, corrosion) while producing gas .

Solids production can be relatively stable over  the life of the well, while gas rates increase.

PCP has proven to be the artificial lift choice in Australia Coal Seam Gas (CSG) production with thousands of wells equipped.

Solids are very fine abrasive particles that tend to agglomerate making the choice of  PCP very critical in terms of pump selection and completion:

  • Selection of proven elastomer
  • Proper rotor sizing
  • Completion accessories: top bushing, paddled rotor, slotted intake.

Sump the pump

Most of the operators in CSG sump the pump to avoid sand accumulation in the rat hole.

PCM Application Engineering can support you to define the highest running life in abrasive conditions.

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Avoid crushing particles

Heavy Lift range is a selection of PCP geometries dedicated to the harsh environments of high viscosity and solids production. A large flowing area combined with the shortest stator pitch, enables the most efficient cavity fillage for high viscosities. An aggressive rotor swept angles efficiently produce solids through the pump without excessive torque and wear.

The low viscosity water increases the challenge of rotor sizing, as internal leakage worsens the abrasion consequences on the pump life. A proper tightening will avoid sand jetting without applying overstress on the elastomer.

Increase elastomer resistance

Proven 159 elastomer along with soft elastomer 194+  are proven to be superior performers as they can overcome the toughest abrasion conditions

Increase rotor resistance

Hard coating chrome plated rotor or tungsten carbide special coating increase rotor run life in toughest conditions

Maximize PCP inflow

Top bushing replaces the traditional tag bar to create a free flowing area at the pump suction.

Prevent solids plugging

Add to your rotor the paddle option, a typical 2ft rotor extension, which will help avoid the formation of plugs at the pump inlet.

Mitigate solid and address gas

When solid production gets too adverse to be produced, operators in CSG will set the pump generally higher at mid-perforations. This will inevitably produce more gas through  the pump. This can be easily mitigated by using  PCM Slugger.

Increase pump life

PCM patented pump technology, PCM Slugger , normalizes the pressure distribution along the pump and avoids internal heat build-up in gassy environments, with no negative trade-offs in solids performance.

With no downside risk to your production, HRPCP rotor is an easy upgrade of your PCM Moineau pump.


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