PCM Artificial Lift Europump offices and service centers in Canada

Discover the local story of PCM artificial lift activity in Canada and find your local office and service center contacts.

PCM’s entry into the Canadian market started in the early 1990’s through its partnership with Kudu Industries.  New PCP innovations were developed specifically for Canadian heavy oil market’s challenges.  Pump run life in heavy oil sand production was improved with the development of 205 elastomer.  In higher water cut wells, 194 elastomer was developed for better performance.  New pump geometries were created optimizing rotor pitch, swept angle and OD to better manage sand flow through the pump.  The results were improved pump run life.  The innovation continued with the introduction of the first all metal PCP installed in 2005 for a thermal application in Cold Lake, Alberta.

Through this successful collaboration, thousands of PCP’s are installed across Alberta and Saskatchewan using PCM technologies.

In 2014, PCM acquired Amik Oilfield Equipment & Rentals out of Lloydminster, Alberta. In 2020, PCM acquired the assets of  Europump, recognized as one of the top brands in the Canadian oil and gas industry servicing several major customer contracts throughout its history. Today, the organization is called PCM Artificial Lift Solutions and offers a full suite of hydraulic and electric surface equipment, PCP’s and mechanical services.

In September 2020, PCM made another strategic acquisition with it’s purchase of the Europump Division of Halliburton.  Europump has been an excellent strategic fit for the company with industry leading employees and technology.  The full line of Europump PCP equipment continues to be offered by PCM including standard PCP sizes and the EuromaxTM, even wall product line.  When the Europump and PCM installed bases are combined, PCM has tens of thousands of PCP installs in Canada.

PCM Artificial Lift Solutions services directly with customer and has 5 service centers located in Lloydminster, Bonnyville, Macklin, Slave Lake and Brooks.

PCM has a strong team of talented PCP industry professionals that are focused on providing value-driven solutions to customers


  1. A broad ranging standard PCP pump line including Europump models with substantial inventory, assembly and testing capability.  PCM is one of the few manufacturers that still formulates and produces its own elastomers. 
  2. Thermal PCP productsHigh Temp Elastomer X-Bond and Metal-to-Metal VulcainTM provide PCP solutions for high temperature applications.
  3. PCM exclusive HRPCP Slugger rotors allow for even pressure distribution in wells prone to gas related problems.  Provides improved life and reduced downtime. 
  4. Surface equipment design, fabrication and repair.  PCM is a top 3 provider of surface equipment and services with a strong branch network and highly skilled technical staff.
  5. Drive-head design, manufacture, sale and support.  PCM has a strong lineup of Drive-Head offerings including, hydraulic and electric in a full range of horsepowers.  Rebuild and repair for Drive-Heads are available at any PCM location.
  6. Technology Products – PCM has an exclusive relationship with a surface package control product that allows for monitoring and managing engine and pump operating parameters.
  7. Surface Transfer Pumps – PCM has a proven range of solutions for moving fluids in a variety of applications including: Oil & Gas; Industrial chemicals; Food and Waste.  The company offers a full line of products in vertical and horizontal configurations with the ability to offer fully engineered and packaged pump solutions.
Our facilities

Rotating equipment, pump assembly & PCP service center 


  • Sales
  • PCP assembly & test bench
  • Manufacture & repair:  drive head, stuffing box, engine, pump to surface stroking unit
  • Packaging: pump and equipment , engine and/or electric over hydraulic skid and generator
  • HSE management
  • Surface transfer pumps

Drivehead manufacturing center & sales Office


  • Drivehead manufacturing center
  • Surface transfer pumps sales
  • Technical Support

Rotating equipment & PCP service Center


  • Test bench
  • Repair: drive head, stuffing box, engine, pump to surface stroking unit
  • 24/7 millwright and mechanical services (shop and field)
  • Failure analysis

Rotating equipement & PCP service Center

Slave lake

  • Test bench
  • Repair: drive head, stuffing box, engine, pump to surface stroking unit
  • 24/7 millwright and mechanical services (shop and field)
  • Failure analysis

PCP service center


  • Test bench
  • Repair: drive head, stuffing box, engine, pump to surface stroking unit
  • 24/7 millwright and mechanical services (shop and field)
  • Failure analysis

Sales head office  


  • Management of all sales team
  • Proximity technical support to operators head office

Service of drive heads and PC pumps