How to prevent gas lock?

Free gas production can be a headache to produce with conventional artificial lift often subject to gas lock. This generally occurs by accumulation of gas in the pumping system leading to unexpected production disruption.

A hydraulically regulated progressing cavity pump (HRPCP) eliminates the risk of gas lock. PCM Slugger is specifically designed for gas and boosts the performances of a conventional PCP. It is easy as a PCP to operate.

Over a decade, many clients have elected the PCM Slugger technology as their preferred Artificial Lift with following benefits:

  • Increase run life
  • Improved gas management, including harsh environments with solids
  • Easy upgrade to any PCMSlugger pump with no downside risk

Produce gas

If your well already produces gas or if gas production may arise soon, you can produce your well without jeopardizing your PCP.

Increase pump life

PCM patented pump technology, PCM Slugger, balances the pressure distribution along the pump and avoids internal heat build-up in gassy environment.

Without downside risk to  your production, HRPCP rotor is an easy upgrade of your PCM Moineau™ pump.

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Adjust setting depth

PCM Application Engineer can advise the most suitable pump and the setting depth versus perforations to mitigate free gas and maximize your production.

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