Artificial lift accessories

Surface and downhole artificial lift accessories are key to ensure a PCP completion successful deployment.  Wells as per their profile and specifications could generate difficulties for a proper and efficient production.

PCM comprehensive tubing and rod string accessories will help you to face any of your downhole challenges and ensure a proper running life of your PCP completion. 

Surface accessories proposed by PCM will also contribute to a proper production in respect with your safety and environment requirements.

If you require surface or downhole accessories which are not listed below, please kindly contact us. PCM has an important manufacturing capacity and an extended supplier’s panel to provide you any type of accessories.

Tubing string

Stock up on essential equipment for your Oil & Gas operations with tubing string completion. Select the right tubing accessories (cross over, pup joint, tag bar, torque anchor…) to secure your PCP production well.

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Rod string

Rod string completion is carefully designed to suit your project, well profile, torque requirements and service tools available on site.

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Artificial Lift surface accessories

PCM provides surface accessories such as integrated BOP or electric motor to ensure safe operation and production of your progressing cavity pump system.

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