PCM Artificial Lift office and service workshops in Oman

PCM has established its presence in Oman back in 2009, starting with PCM Vulcain™ pilot projects in thermal wells.

The activity has rapidly grown up and PCM Muscat LLC office was created in 2010, piloting the full scope of artificial lift equipment supply & services.

PCM set up a service workshop in Nizwa in 2011 with storage, failure analysis tools and lab facilities in order to provide a comprehensive support to PCP operations.

The elastomer PCP activity also rised up with several contracts, including a major one, leading PCM to make a step further in Oman in 2016 by creating the first and only PCP assembly line in the Sultanate which provides additional In country Value (ICV), shorter deliveries and helps reduce our customers’ overall CAPEX and OPEX.

Since 2014, PCM has a partnership with Nizwa College of Technology .The collaboration has never stopped since that date and a total of 38 students were trained in our Nizwa workshop, in PCP testing, Failure Analysis, stock management and preparation of deliveries. The benefit for the students is to discover the reality of an Oil and Gas workshop, understand the HSE aspects and developing their skills.

Our facilities

Local Head Office


  • Sales: ALS PCP equipment’s and surface transfer pump with associated services
  • HSE management
  • Supply chain coordination
  • Application engineering

Service Workshop


  • Test bench
  • Failure analysis tools
  • Stator manufacturing (welding & painting)
  • Laboratory for elastomer compatibility test
  • Tools and machine for maintenance, field installation & troubleshooting
  • Washing facilities
  • Storage area
  • Training facilities

Field Service


Field service contract: 24h/7 to manage 300+ PCP wells

20+ PCM permanent employee on rotation to ensure:

  • Supply equipment to well site
  • Installation,
  • Monitoring,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Maintenance
  • Optimization