PCM provides a complete line of electric and hydraulic driveheads that will run your PCP in a wide range of applications. Designed with the latest engineering technology to provide added-value in oilfield operations and day-to-day PCP operations.

PCM has full control of the drivehead supply chain including R&D, manufacturing, sales and service; to ensure a cost effective solution and compliance with environment and safety standards of Oilfield operations.

PCM DriverTM key differentiating factors are the following: innovative belt guard, sliding motor base plate, high performance disk brake or high-quality internal braking system and environmental seals for standard and high temperature applications.

Our driveheads are safe, reliable and field proven with track records and comply with ISO 15136-2 surface Drive System requirements.

A PCM representative will help you choose the most relevant technology for your operations.

PCM Driver™ electric driveheads with disk brake systems

The PCM Driver™ B-50 and B-100 have a high quality Brembo® disk brake system, CE certification, a lightweight fibre/composite belt guard, and come with a standard stuffing box, or optionally, a No-Leak seal or high temperature No-Leak seal.

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PCM Driver™ electric driveheads with internal brake system

The PCM Driver™ CD-30, CD-50, CD-100, and CD-150 have an internal, low-maintenance, hydraulic brake system, and come with an integral rotating environmental seal system.

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PCM Driver™ hydraulic driveheads

The PCM Driver™ CH-75 is ideal for areas where driveheads must be hydraulically driven. It comes with an integral rotating environmental seal system.

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PCM Driver™ geared driveheads

The PCM Driver™ CG-40E, CG-60E have a robust gearbox and a high quality internal braking system.

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