Progressing cavity pump troubleshooting > My PCP oil well is down, help me

One day, you will face PCP well issues and your PCP System will fail for sure… make it fail later next time. Take failure as an opportunity to progress.

Learn from it and improve: do not repeat the same mistakes, or just do it a bit better next time with our progressing cavity pump troubleshooting guide and artificial lift failure analysis.

Pump is still in well, try to restart!

Before pulling out all completion, make sure you have tried everything to restart your well.

Download our progressing cavity pump troubleshooting guide and follow the instructions.

 Download troubleshooting guide

Pump is out of hole, why it failed?

PCP failure analysis is key for optimization, but it is complex and requires experience. In most cases, visual inspection of rotor & stator is not enough to really understand root cause of failure.

 Download our stator & rotor failure mode

PCM failure analysis software

Matching with CFER & ISO15136-1 standards, PCM has developed an internal online software, to record and report efficiently failure analysis (c/w worldwide database, KPI reporting & statistical analysis).

Five main axis of investigation:

  1. PCP system
  2. Rotor
  3. Stator External / Borescope / Destructive / Hardness
  4. Bench Test
  5. Operating data

Four highlights conclusion:

  1. Key observations
  2. Failed Equipment
  3. Root Cause Of failure
  4. Recommendations

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