How to improve well performance?

Oil & gas operators are looking for real time monitoring in order to improve well performance, increase their well production, reduce downtime and protect their assets. Having only relevant data recorded is key to make easy decision.

As a positive displacement pump, PCP system is the most versatile artificial lift pumping solution to quickly react in fluctuating conditions.

When combining your field operating database with PCM methodology and expertise, PCM can help you optimize your well production with the right PCP system.

Using downhole sensors and smart drive system allow to draw the most from your well.

  • Increase MTBF to reduce well intervention
  • Optimize pump intake pressure (PIP) and production
  • Safely pilot your well with smart automation

Optimize your well production

Optimize your current well performance

By reviewing your production parameters (torque, speed, flowrate, efficiency, PIP…) and your well failure history, PCM application engineers can optimize your PCP system.

Enhance PCP well performance on your entire field

We can identify suitable best practices, risky or inefficient PCP operations and propose you dedicated PCP field guidelines to maximize performance of your asset. Deployment on your field can be assisted by PCM service team and further evaluated.


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Simplify your daily operations with automation

Implement basic or advanced settings and hardware:

  • Set up alarms & trips
  • Automated VSD
  • Install downhole gauges


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