Innovative artificial lift solutions

Innovation and creativity have guided PCM’s expansion for over 90 years. Backed by a stable shareholder with a long-term approach, PCM has always delivered breakthrough PCP innovative artificial lift solutions.

Below is a list of some innovative artificial lift solutions that PCM has been working on recently.  All of these are available now.  Please contact your local PCM representative if you are interested in discussing any of these.

Insert progressing cavity pump

PCM provide a cost effective solution to reduce downtime and rig costs, easy to run for a secondary ALS completion.

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Permanent magnet motor (PMM)

PCM propose a permanent magnet motor, an innovative and energy saver PCP drivehead solution conceived to reduce significantly your OPEX and ensure safe operations.

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PCM X-Bond/198 high temperature elastomer pump

PCM is developing a new elastomer for its PCP artificial lift pumps to replace conventional elastomers when temperature exceeds 100°C (210°F) .

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