Multiphase booster pump

PCM multiphase booster pump featuring PCM Moineau™ technology enhance your oil production by relieving mature wells of excessive back pressure from surface pipelines and facilities.

They transfer the full well stream of liquids and gas to a gathering centre or central process facility, avoiding the need to separate the fluid into multiple streams in the field; and thereby reducing the capital costs of in-field processing and associated infrastructure for a new field development.

A PCM multiphase booster pump system can be used to provide incremental oil production to naturally flowing wells, or to improve the efficiency and  reduce operating costs of wells equipped with certain types of downhole Artificial Lift System.

Multiphase Pump

Each Moineau™A pump features PCM Moineau technology, which – thanks to its inherent ability to pump multiphase fluids – is ideal for boosting untreated crude oil from a wellsite to gathering centre or process facility.

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  • Pumps multiphase fluids without gas locking, and fluids with unpredictable compositions of oil, water and gas.
  • Tolerant to sand and suspended solids
  • Versatile, with good volumetric efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions 
  • Low cost of ownership
  • 80 years of experience developing, mixing and producing our own elastomers


  • Max flow rate – up to 38 000 bfpd [1100 USgpm]
  • Max differential pressure – up to 750psi
  • Max motor HP – up to 150 HP [110kW]
  • Max fluid temperature – up to 265°F [130°C] 

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Each PCM multiphase booster system incorporates the piping, valves, instrumentation and controls necessary for safe and reliable operation of the multiphase pumps, into a convenient package with minimal interfaces.

Our multiphase system includes:

  • Multiphase pump unit with electric motor drive, reduction gear, and independent bearing
  • Spacer coupling to ease maintenance
  • Pump dynamic seal + optional seal support systems to cope with a range of operating conditions
  • Suction piping with valves and supports.
  • Discharge piping with valves and supports.
  • Bypass line
  • Common  baseframe supporting all equipment, and including drip tray for fluid containment and lifting points
  • Instrumentation for equipment monitoring and regulation
  • System automation and control

The system is modular, and multiple pumps can be incorporated into a single multiphase system to provide a duty/ standby arrangement, completely eliminating downtime.


  • Guaranteed solution
  • Optimised design – a compact yet functional solution, with minimal interfaces for quick and easy installation on-site.
  • Simplified procurement
  • High quality finished product


The system automation and control ensures smooth operation and monitoring for your operations. It monitors key system parameters and automatically regulates the multiphase pump in response to the actual on-site conditions.

The key components include:

  • Instrumentation and associated on-skid cabling
  • Variable speed drive (VSD)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with dedicated PCM booster system software and data logging of critical parameters
  • User friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) with easy access to view and adjust key system parameters


  • Safety first – failsafe design and hard wired interlocks for critical functions
  • User friendly, ergonomic and operator friendly controls.
  • Guaranteed solution
  • Simplified procurement
  • High quality product
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