PCM Artificial Lift office and field service contacts in West & Central Africa

PCM Artificial lift Solutions installed with success the first PCP’s in West Africa in 2000’s:

  • Muanda field  in Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Olende Dome field in Gabon
  • Emeraude field (offshore) in Congo

An office was opened in 2005 in Pointe-Noire to serve the needs of the region, reinforced in 2007 with a local inventory, in 2015 with a test bench and a swelling test lab. Today, PCM PCP’s are widely used in Medium and Light oil applications, both onshore and offshore.

PCM provide everyday local field service for selection advice, installation support and performance optimization.

Our facilities

Local Head Office

Pointe Noire

  • Sales
  • Pump Selection
  • Performances analyses and optimization recommendations
  • Elastomer lab

Service Center

Pointe-Noire (Port area)

  • Test bench
  • Failure analysis
  • Stock management