Artificial Lift education

Our Artificial lift education section aims to give you all the information you need to better understand the products and services we can propose you.

Thanks to customer testimonials, references and case studies on fields, publications submitted to the SPE organization, you are able to understand our know-how and expertise for Artificial lift equipment.

Moreover, feel free to read or download our recommendations for pump selection or well optimization (elastomer compatibility, artificial lift technologies comparison, download area).

ALS technologies comparison

Historically ALS is driven by ESP’s for high flow rate and SRP’s for low flow rate. Over the last thirty years new pump technologies arrived on the market to improve efficiency and performance such as PCP’s, jet pumps,... Discover the advantages and benefits of each Artificial Lift technologies here.

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Elastomer compatibility

Elastomer production is rooted in the history of the company. We are one of the few PCP manufacturers who still produce their own elastomers. Read our recommendations for elastomers compatibility and swelling test.

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Case studies

Find out more about our product and service solutions dedicated for Artificial Lift through our on field case studies. Discover some Artificial Lift systems PCM has installed throughout the world for diverse applications.

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Find here the testimonials of our dedicated employees demonstrating their commitment to our Artificial Lift customers through their daily activities as well as some testimonials from our customers satisfied with their relationship and experience with PCM. Click here to learn more.

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SPE Papers

Learn more about our wide range of products and services dedicated to Artificial Lift through the Artificial Lift SPE papers published by our PCP experts.

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Download area

Download all the technical documentations you need for your installation (product brochure, troubleshooting, technical pump sheet,…) or watch our latest product videos in our resources library.

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Is PCP right for me?

PCM help you making the comparison between several artificial lift technologies.

Quickly check if progressive cavity pump is suitable for your well application.

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