Artificial Lift surface accessories

PCP wells have to be completed by adapted artificial lift surface accessories to ensure safe operation and production and also respect environment constraints.

PCM is able to propose several option to adapt your wellhead to PCP operations such as:

  • Integrated blow out preventer
  • Electric motor

Electric motor

Asynchronous motor adapted for PCP operations

Key features & benefits:

  • High efficiency motor
  • IEC Exna , IEC ExD, NEMA explosion proof or GOST standard
  • From 11 kW to 90Kw, 4 Poles or 6 poles motor
  • Feet or flange mounted type


Integrated blow out preventer for safe PCP oilfield operation

Key features & benefits:

  • Standard or High Temperature available
  • Top and bottom connections available in studded, flanged or threaded
  • Single or Dual Ram: blind, sealing 1”¼, 1”½, 0 to 1”½ or rod clamping

Advanced options