Tubing string

Tubing string completion is adapted to well challenges and for artificial lift solutions installed in the well.

Selection of tubing string accessories is important to ensure proper production and smooth operations of PCP wells.

PCM’s expertise can assist you for the selection, supply and installation of downhole accessories.

Cross overs

Connect accessories

Key features & benefits:

  • Available cross over configurations: BOX/BOX or BOX/PIN or PIN/BOX
  • All types of thread connections as per API 5CT
  • From 2”3/8 to 6”5/8

Pup joint

Allow free motion of rotor head

Key features & benefits:

  • Permit easy lift of the stator assembly during the installation
  • Allow rotor head eccentric motion while in operation
  • Available in 2”7/8, 3”½, 4”½, 5”, 6”5/8 in 4,6 or 8 ft length

Tag bar

Landing spot for rotor spacing out

Key features & benefits:

  • Provide a stand-off length to anticipate rods elongation
  • Several sizes available with option for short, XL or slotted configurations
  • Serves as a landing spot for space out
  • Maximizes flowing area to ensure a reliable pump suction
  •  Slotted items are also available to increase flowing area at suction
  • Top bushing option upon request

Torque anchor

Prevent tubing back-off

Key features & benefits:

  • Handle high torque, reliable and robust design
  • Centralized solution
  • Large flowing area compared to other torque anchor
  • For casing 4"1/2 to 9”5/8 with connection 2”3/8 to 5”½
  • Repair Kit available for anchor blocks

Tubing drain

Release tubing fluid column prior POOH

Key features & benefits:

  • Shear pin activated by tubing pressure
  • Easy workover after parted rods

Advanced options

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