Insert progressing cavity pump

The PCP solution for light workover operations - The insert progressing cavity pump system is a cost effective rig less PCP technology, easy to run for a secondary ALS completion.

The insert progressing cavity pump is a through tubing retrievable system allowing to run in hole and to pull-out from the well the rotor and stator using only a light pulling unit. Insert PCP helps to significantly reduce your OPEX and downtime costs by eliminating the need for heavy workover rig.


  • Reduce work over intervention time and cost
  • Stator replacement by pulling out only the rod string
  • Possibility to flush by the pump to circulate fluid
  • Suitable for deviated wellbores and sour applications
  • Ideal for limited rig access and rig availability



  • Rotor/stator pre-assembly prior running in hole
  • Anchoring systems options: nipple installation on the tubing string or innovative packer system