PCM flush valve to improve safety at wellsite in Oman

PCM is pleased to have been able to support a client’s need for improved safety at the wellsite in Middle East. 

A customer in Oman is planning to use a Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) drivehead on their well, but was concerned about the safety of electrical energy generated during the backspin of a PCP.  PCM supplied a flush valve as part of the completion to alleviate these concerns. 

A flush valve allows fluid from the tubing to drain to the annulus when the pump shuts down.  An improved design has been implemented to cope with the horizontal section of the well. They are usually used in high-solids applications to reduce the amount of solids settling on top of the pump during a shutdown. 

In this case, however, the flush valve was used to greatly reduce the amount of backspin which would be observed at surface, ensuring that the PMM would generate unsafe power for no more than a few seconds after a shutdown—rather than over an hour when the fluid drains through the pump.

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