PCM Vulcain™ in a steam flood field in Middle East

Runlife of 1617 days achieved for a PCM Vulcain™ 220V1000 installed in a Steam Flood Field in the Middle East.

A PCM Vulcain™ package was installed on March 1st 2011, including an all metal progressing cavity pump 220V1000, a high temperature sealing system at surface and a high temperature blow out preventer. Pump was driven with a 90kW motor and continuous rods 1’’1/8.

The pump was pulled out of hole due to a low efficiency (19%) on August 6th 2015 after 1617 days of continuous operations (except one drive head change).

Overall, pump achieved a steady and efficient production (total production 1 423 427 bbl Liquid), could face high variations of viscosity and temperature, worked at very low submergence and could cover a wide range of flow rates thanks to the VSD.

All-Metal PCP is combining advantages of conventional PCP together with an elimination of rubber limitations due to operations above 150°C and the possibility to steam through the stator avoiding heavy workover on a live thermal well. It opens new doors to the development of hard to reach fields of heavy oil with steam activation. 

Key well data

  • 15 API oil
  • Pump setting depth of  825 mTVD
  • WC 75%
  • Hole angle 65°

Key production parameters

  • Average production 880bpd over the full production cycle

  • Average speed 237 rpm

  • Average PIP 116psi
  • Downhole T°
  • Wellhead T° from 176°F to 346°F



PCM Vulcain™  all metal high temperature progressing cavity pump

Specially designed to be able to handle extremely hot, highly viscous, unconventional hydrocarbons and high temperature water, the PCM Vulcain™ is an exclusive patented all-metal progressing cavity pump using a specific technology capable of meeting the requirements of thermal recovery methods to perform efficiently at high temperatures.

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