PCM Artificial Lift activities in Canada – Country Manager testimonial

Shaun Clancy, Canada country manager, reaffirmed PCM Artificial Lift Solutions Inc. engagement to its customers.

PCM is continuously working to strengthen and extend its Artificial lift activities in Canada. Read his testimonial below.


Can you tell us a few words about PCM Artificial Lift Solutions Inc?

I think we have very professional staff. The people we have, have very good relationships with customers. They know they can trust us and rely on us to do very good job.

One of the thing that customers really like about us is the quality of our pumps. They say we have got the best pump in the market place. On the service side, we have got amazing mechanics, managers.

We all believe the customer comes first. Customers believe in our slogan “Keep it moving” and we use that slogan to tell them how engaged we are.


What is PCM current scope of Artificial Lift activities in Canada?

The complementary portfolio and service locations offered by PCM Artificial Lift Solutions Inc provide the end users a single entry point to install and maintain whole completions from downhole pumps, fittings, drive heads and power units, at a time where cost control is a must.

The several PCM service centers are equipped with the latest tools and skilled personnel to provide first-class technical support and to reduce the project cycle time.

The service centers include:

  • Pumps and parts stock
  • Field technical support
  • State of the art pump test bench: any conventional or thermal pump can be tested, covering the whole range of sizes, speeds and temperatures.


PCM Artificial Lift Solutions Inc is a successful and growing Oil & Gas services provider operating with manufacturing and service centers located in Lloydmister, Bonnyville, Edmonton and Slave Lake, Alberta as well as Macklin, Saskatchewan. PCM Artificial Lift Solutions Inc manufactures, sells and services many different types of equipment including engines, pumps, compressors, wellhead drives, hydraulic pumping units and engine skids.

PCM Artificial Lift Solutions Inc also conducts daily field operations and offers fully equipped 24hr mobile service trucks to provide field service overhauls.

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