Argentina: first PCM PCP installed with our partner PECOM/BOLLAND

For more than 20 years, thousands of PCM PCPs have been installed and running successfully in Argentinians wells.

But on November 7th, 2019, new milestone, we installed and started up smoothly our first PCM PCP and our first PCM Drive Head, with our new local partner PECOM/Bolland.

On this well, Sucker Rod Pump was facing regular sand settling issues, it was decided by operator to convert it to PCP for its great capacity to produce and move sand.


The PCP team:

  • Miguel Calfuquir, PCP Field Technician, Bolland
  • Leandro Heras, VSD Technician, Bolland
  • Eduardo Rodriguez, PCP Sales & Application Engineer, Bolland
  • Wilmer Romero, PCP Application Engineer, PCM

The PCP well:

  • Field Location: Eastern central Argentina
  • PCP model: 100E1200
  • Drive Head model: PCM B50
  • Power installed: 30kW
  • Setting depth: 785mMD (vertical)
  • Casing: 7”
  • Tubing: 2.7/8”
  • Rod: 1”
  • Oil: 21°API

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