Latest news about the acquisition of Europump by PCM ALS in Canada

In August of 2020, PCM Artificial Lift Solutions (“PCM ALS”) closed the purchase of Europump in Canada.

It has been six months since the acquisition and Richard Plain is very pleased to say that the strategy to integrate these two companies has been a great success. One of the biggest assets of any company is quality people. PCM ALS has seen significant benefit from all of its new team members who joined from Europump. Whether in sales, administration, operations or technical support, the combined PCM ALS team is one of the strongest in the business. Any customer looking for product solutions in PC Pump, Surface Power Solutions, Driveheads or comprehensive repair & maintenance services, PCM ALS can deliver.

Not just another equipment supplier, PCM ALS can provide a unique “single source” approach to planning and sourcing customers equipment and application needs with a consultative approach based on many years of Canadian oilpatch experience.


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