News - PCM Moineau™ 120AC24 shipped to a major domestic Canadian oil & gas company

PCM Artificial Lift Solutions is proud to ship its latest progressing cavity pump skid, model PCM Moineau™ 120AC24, to a major domestic Canadian oil & gas company.

The project was awarded by Hevvy Pumps, a leader in heavy duty slurry pumping applications.


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This custom pumping system was designed, assembled and tested in PCM’s Lloydminster, Alberta facility by PCM specialists.  The system package was completed in a very short time period thanks to  collaboration with PCM Engineering, the Hevvy Pumps support team and the client’s project team.

The pump application intends to recover thickened sludges downstream of an innovative thickening process for tailings.

The expected solid content is very high: up to 64% by volume.  PCM 164 Nitrile elastomer was selected to match with the fluid features.

The system performance tests met all customer QA/QC acceptance criteria in a very critical application.

Due to the exceptional restrictions from COVID 19, PCM organized a digital Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), enabling a remote client inspection in order to facilitate the tight timeline of the project.


After the successful FAT with this one-of-a-kind inspection method, our client Hevvy Pumps representative, Steve Adams, Regional Sales Manager, said  : “ Thanks a lot for that call with the end user. During these situations, that service goes to show the caliber of your organization and why we are enjoying working with you guys. Greatly appreciated.

Hevvy Pumps and PCM are closely following up this pilot and the pump is running well to date.

Congratulations to the teams from HEVVY PUMPS and PCM involved in this exceptional project!

Keep it moving !