News – Discover a proven solution to solve PCP issues in corrosive wells

Looking for a proven solution to solve PCP issues in corrosive wells?

PCM successfully deployed in West Africa special PCP downhole completions to sustain production while facing adverse corrosive well conditions.

A client in West Africa experienced some early failures with his rod driven PCP completions to lift the highly corrosive oil from their wells.

PCM experts reviewed the failure modes associated with corrosion and proposed a significant revision of the completion:

  • PCM 159 NBR elastomer choice was confirmed as matching those tough conditions
  • Stainless steel pump elements were specially designed to withstand the severe CO2 attacks
  • PCP completion tools received specific coating against corrosion
  • A sacrificial anode was designed and installed to absorb most of the tubing string corrosion
  • Sucker rod material was also changed for a higher grade to avoid corrosion on the rod string

Thanks to all those changes work over rate has been divided by a 2-fold factor in those highly corrosive wells making them highly economic!

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