News - Suspended wells in East Africa start again thanks to PCM services

PCM is pleased to have been able to help a customer in East Africa to start again suspended wells.

PCM was operating in about 30 wells in East Africa, but for some political reasons they have been all suspended since 2012.

After almost 8 years, PCM field experts came back on site and they managed to inspect all these wells. Based on the results of the tests carried out by PCM and the supporting team of the client, they have found 24 wells in good conditions and able to produce after all these suspended years. On the 6 other wells, 2 had low performance (tubing leak is suspected), 2 wells were stuck during the operation and 4 other wells have shown parted rods signs.

The client is very satisfied with the results of the test, the service operation and the equipment provided by PCM. It is a great experience for PCM to be able to run wells after being shut down for almost 8 years. It shows and proves the good quality of PCM equipment.


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