Successful 2nd PCM ESPCP installation in Russia

A new client in Russia got its first oil at surface, lifted by a PCM pump in ESPCP completion.

As one of the partnership steps, we were invited by the customer to prove that our technologies could be the right solutions in their challenging wells with high viscosity and H2S content.

Indeed, their current sucker rod pumps installed in the oil well failed due to high viscosity, so PCM proposed to test an ESPCP system. 

After accurate calculation for this well, PCM selected a 6E2600 pump with a 204 elastomer perfectly suitable for highly-corrosive wells. It turned out to be a good choice as the client is very satisfied with current production which is about 10 m3/day. Thanks to its first success, 4 other wells will be equipped with PCM ESPCP systems as trials.


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