Two years run life for PCM Slugger in a gassy well in East Africa

A well in East Africa, completed with ESP (electric submersible pumps) technology, was not able to run more than 2 months due to high gas content. Thus, the customer decided to evaluate other ALS technology that can be more efficient, more productive with less breakdown.

PCM proposed a first design with a standard PCP which resulted to a very high GVF up to 95%. It was very risky for a conventional PCP. It was then decided to provide a new completion design for the well with a PCM Slugger pump (Hydraulically Regulated PCP), model 86E2000.

After 755 days (more than 2 years), the PCM Slugger PCP is still operating without any failure and produces an average stable flow rate of 30 BOPD (low for this model, but 95% of cavity is filled by produced gas).

PCM and the client confirm that PCM slugger technology can really make the difference on extreme gassy wells: 2 years run life with a PCM slugger compared to 2 months run life with ESP system!


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