NEWS – Excellent PCM Vulcain™ runlife in a cyclic steam stimulation slant well

PCM is very proud to announce the excellent runlife of a PCM Vulcain™ model 80V1000 which exceeded 1 800 days of operation in a cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) slant well in Tatarstan, Russia.

This patented all-Metal PCP was chosen for its unique ability to steam through the stator in place during the successive steam injection phases. After the soaking period, the PCM Vulcain™ technology allows a fast and smooth production resumption just by lowering the rotor a few meters into the stator, avoiding costly heavy workovers at each cycle. This pump was driven by the PCM Driver™ B-100 that was installed on a shallow slant well.

Encouraged by this success, the oil company decided to use the technology in the same field in a well using the Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process. Again the All Metal PCP exceeded client expectations, overtaking the milestone of 800 days run life, and still running!

In SAGD, the All Metal PCP allows a very flexible ramp-up thanks to its easily adjustable flow rate to adapt with the steam chamber expansion. Unlike other forms of artificial lift, the All Metal PCP is highly tolerant to steam breakthrough, outperforming the reliability of any other lift system.  

Keep it moving!”

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