WEBINAR – ALS PCP myths & truths – Part #1 – Wednesday 23rd September & Thursday 24th September

Are you wondering about progressive cavity pumps features and use in the ALS market? You do not really know whether some information are true or false?

Please join us for our next PCM webinar on Wednesday 23rd September and Thursday 24th September during which Paul Skoczylas will talk about different statements about ALS PCP…myths or truths.


  1. Space out: Need 1 ft space out for every 1000 ft of rod
  2. AMPCP: AMPCP cannot pump water
  3. Efficiency: Low volumetric efficiency while operating in the well is always bad
  4. Gas: PCPs do not gas lock
  5. Rod: No backspin after a stop = parted rod
  6. Light oil: PCP is not a good choice for pumping high API oil
  7. Explosive decompression: Slow STOP & POOH will reduce risk of explosive decompression

🕐 Session#1: Wednesday 23rd Sept @ 8.00am French Time / @ 8.00 am East Africa / @ 10.00 am Oman & Dubai / @ 2.00 pm China / @ 4.00 pm Australia

🕐 Session #2: Thursday 24th Sept @ 4.00pm French time / @ 8.00 am Calgary / @ 9.00 am Bogota & Houston / @ 3.00 pm Congo


We will be presenting the webinar twice: please register for the session corresponding to your time zone by clicking on this link:

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We will announce the timing and content for part #2, addressing a further list of myths and truths, at a later date.