💻WEBINAR – ALS PCP myths & truths – Part #2 – Wednesday 4th November & Thursday 5th November

Are you wondering about progressive cavity pumps features and use in the ALS market? You do not really know whether some information are true or false?

We hope you enjoyed our previous webinar, about PCP myths and truths.  In our next webinar, we will continue the topic and address some more myths and truths about PCPs in Artificial Lift.

Please join us for this webinar during which Paul Skoczylas will talk about the following statements…myths or truths:

  1. Hole Angle:  A PCP cannot be run at 90°
  2. Efficiency:  A good PCP should have test bench efficiency of 60-80%
  3. Torque Anchor:  Every PCP system needs a torque anchor installed
  4. Choke:  Choking the tubing is a way to reduce free gas at the pump intake
  5. Installation:  When the rotor enters the stator during installation, the rig crew will see the rod string rotate
  6. High DLS:  When there is high dogleg severity, the use of pony rods and/or rod guides can help improve system run life

🕐 Session #1: Wednesday 4th Nov @ 7.00am France / 8.00am or 9.00am East Africa / 10.00am Oman & Dubai / 11:30 am India / 2.00pm China / 4.00pm Brisbane

🕐 Session #2: Thursday 5th Nov @ 4.00pm France / 8.00am Calgary / 9.00am Houston /10:00am Bogota / 4.00pm Congo

We will be presenting the webinar twice: please register for the session corresponding to your time zone by clicking on this link:

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