WEBINAR – NEW SESSION - NPSH & pump cavitation – Thursday 2nd July 2020

Surface Pump cavitation problems? Challenging Nett Positive Suction Head conditions?

Join our 30 minute webinar with Andy Boot and Nicolas Terrien where we’ll be discussing NPSH, the negative effects of cavitation in pumps and how it can be avoided.
Thursday 2nd July @ 7:30 am (London) 8:30 am (Paris), 10:30 am (Dubai), 01:30 pm (Bangkok), 02:30 pm (Singapore), 04:30 pm (Brisbane).
Please send an email with your name, position and company name at 
aboot@pcm.eu to register to the webinar. You’ll receive the webinar link one day before.

Throughout the Oil & Gas industry there are a myriad of pumping applications, each with its own set of challenges. One of the common challenges, particularly when pumping mixtures including light hydrocarbons is NPSH.

With insufficient NPSH available in a system a pump is at risk of cavitation, which can reduce pump performance; damage components leading to downtime and high maintenance costs; and if left untreated cause long term damage to your assets.

In this webinar we will be discussing NPSH, explaining what it means and why it’s important in a pumping system, and the ways that cavitation can be avoided.