WEBINAR – PCP geometry in high-solids applications - Week 16 - April 2021

Progressing cavity pumps are recognized as the best form of artificial lift in wells that produce solids.  However, when there are a lot of solids, it is important to select the best pump geometry for the application.

In this webinar, we will discuss the different ways of considering the geometry of a PCP, and how the optimum geometry can help move solids through the pump

We will also consider methods of helping to keep solids moving at the pump intake and through the tubing.  

The webinar will be presented in English by Paul Skoczylas, and by Wilmer Romero and Miguel Ruiz for the session in Spanish.  Paul will also attend the Spanish session to help with answering questions. 

Attendance is free—please register below.

🕐 Session #1 in English: Tuesday 20th April @ 5:00 pm France / 9:00 am Calgary / 10:00 am Houston / 10:00 am Bogota / 11:00 am Caracas / 12 noon Buenos Aires / 4:00 pm Congo, Gabon, DRC /5:00 pm East Africa

🕐 Session #2 in English: Wednesday 21th April @ 8:00 am France / 7:00 am Congo, Gabon, DRC / 8:00 am East Africa / 10.00 am Oman & Dubai / 11:30 am India / 2.00pm China / 4.00pm Brisbane

🕐 Session #3 in Spanish: Thursday 22th April @ 5:00 pm France / 10:00 am Houston / 10:00 am Bogota / 11:00 am Caracas / 12 noon Buenos Aires


We will be presenting the webinar twice in English and once in Spanish. Please register for the session corresponding to your time zone and language by clicking on this link: 

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